Announcing Club Executives for 2013 – 2014 Term & Realignment of Area 12 to Area 29

gear up

The relay races are some of the most anticipated in track and field. Successful relay teams enter the race knowing exactly what technique they will employ to achieve the desired performance i.e. a legal passing of the baton and advancing to the finish line ahead of other teams. There are three major techniques used to pass batons: the Upsweep, the Downsweep or the Push Pass.

As the 2012 – 2013 term draws to an end, and club executives prepare to handover to the incumbents for 2013 – 2014, start thinking about the activities and techniques which will ensure a smooth Club Executive transition and setup the Club and its members to perform successfully over the next 12 months. In addition to attending the 1st Round of Club Officer training in July, events such as a Handover Dinner or Club Executive Team Builder can help to develop strategies and chart the club’s path to achieving its goals.

Following the realignment of clubs throughout District 81, the clubs that comprised Area 12 will now be assigned to Areas 29 & 30 for the 2013 – 2014 term. The four clubs in Area 29 are Dynamic Speakers, MDA, Nepuyo & Tobago Professional Speakers, their club executives are as follows:

Dynamic Speakers Toastmasters Club
– President – Sandra Lutchman
– Vice President Education – Dianne Charles
– Vice President Membership – Petra Marcano-Felix
– Vice President Public Relations – Shimon Black
– Treasurer – Judy Oxley-Fullerton
– Secretary – Vacant
– Sergeant at Arms – Vacant

MDA Toastmasters Club
– President – Jennifer Noble
– Vice President Education – Adanna Toney
– Vice President Membership – Arlene Griffith
– Vice President Public Relations – Nichelle Dottin-John
– Treasurer – David Charlirie
– Secretary – Sparkle Charles
– Sergeant at Arms – Charon Maxime

Nepuyo Toastmasters Club
– President – Lennox Sealy
– Vice President Education – Jennifer Mc Collin
– Vice President Membership – Atiba Johnson
– Vice President Public Relations – Shelly-Ann Lovell Williams
– Treasurer – Sita Sealy
– Secretary – Merleen Shade
– Sergeant at Arms – Keith Ward

Tobago Professional Speakers Toastmasters Club
– President – Michael A.T. Stewart
– VP Education – Kori Sinanan
– VP Membership – Verne Alleyne
– VP Public Relations – Rhea George
– Treasurer – Julien Skeete
– Secretary – Lindel Marshall
– Sergeant-at-Arms – Corin Parris

Talk Tsu will now be aligned to Area 30 and their incoming executives are as follows:
Talk Tsu Toastmasters Club
– President Everyl Monsegue
– VP Education Marian Taylor
– VP Membership Maquada Williams
– VP Public Relations Antonette Brotherson
– Treasurer Leslie Brusco
– Secretary Donna Marcelin-Samuel
– Sergeant at Arms Vacant

Congratulations and here’s to a great term in 2013 – 2014.

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