Meet Tonia Robinson – International Speech Contestant

Q: What do you like about your Toastmasters Club?
This is a tough question as I like a lot about my club…for instance I like Selwyn’s laughter and positive energy…I like Ingrid’s use of such rich language that improves my vocabulary and I like my overall positive growing experience.

Q: What is your favourite role during a Toastmasters meeting?
My favorite role during a Toastmasters meeting is that of Table Topics Master…although I am yet to play that role in my new club.

Q: Tell us something about your first Toastmasters club.
My first Toastmasters club was a home away from home for me…we had a fun & learning environment.

Q: What are some of your Toastmasters goals for the next 5 years?
Some of my Toastmasters goals for the next 5 years are complete my CL, ACB, ALB and to be a great Mentor to my Mentee Preston as my Mentor Garth has been great to me.

Q: If someone asked you to give them a random piece of advice, what would you say?
People’s opinion of you is none of your business. If you know your heart keep pressing forward. Losing blame, explain and complain…that makes us lose valuable energy…keep focused on what you really want to accomplish in life and stick to those who are taking the time to invest in you as a human being. With God all things are possible. God gives beauty for ashes.

One response to “Meet Tonia Robinson – International Speech Contestant

  1. All the best Tonia, we have two of the best from Dynamics; one who will be judged slightly better than…the judges will have a tough time from Dynamics…all fingers up!

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