Save the Date – December 8th – Next Toastmasters meeting in Tobago

The next Toastmasters meeting in Tobago will be held on Saturday, December 8th 2012.

Last Saturday’s meeting was well attended. We thank the people who came from all over Tobago in spite of the inclement weather. The attendees ranged from preteens to octogenarians. Participation was high with six (6) guests taking part in the Table Topics segment. There was also a very engaging and interactive Questions & Comments from the Floor session. Visit the Area 12 Facebook to view photos from Saturday’s event

The Area Executive encourages Trinidad based clubs and members to support the growth of TSYP club in Tobago. Remember the 2-CCs by December 31st campaign is currently on. Why not schedule one of your speeches for December 8th? Attain your communication & leadership goals while getting some well deserved rest & relaxation on the sister isle.

Upcoming TSYP Toastmasters Club Meetings in Tobago
December – Saturday 8th December 2012
January – Saturday 12th January 2013

If you are considering making the trip and you need logistical assistance (flights, ferry tickets, accommodation, ground transport etc.) contact the Assistant Area Governor Marketing via mobile at 477-7548 or via email at

We look forward to seeing you in Scarborough next month!

One response to “Save the Date – December 8th – Next Toastmasters meeting in Tobago

  1. Hello to my fellow Caribbean Toastmasters . . . especially the Nepuyo Toastmasters (where I attended meetings in Jan-Mar 2009). Keep speaking!

    PS to VP-PRs: Might be a good idea to use FreeToastHost to build Club websites to promote your clubs. Just check out for more information.

    All the best for an enjoyable Christmas (parang and all) and a happy New Year.

    Terence Pyle, CC, ALB
    VP – Education
    EUPC Club, New Jersey, USA

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