Jason has ‘The Winner’s Edge’

Jason Cotton is no stranger to winning speech contests.  Cotton, member of Nepuyo Toastmasters club in Arima, placed second in the Toastmasters Caribbean Speech contest in 2011. This year Jason set his sights on the Evaluation Competition. While his profession provides a strong foundation, it is his affable nature and easy style which makes him a natural at speech evaluations. We look forward to hearing Jason weigh in on Saturday.

What is your main strength – communication wise? As a leader?
In my opinion my main strength is the ability to communicate in a way
that inspires others. There is great potential inside every person and
we can contribute positively to each other and society by helping to
identify this potential through the person’s talents and abilities and
developing those to their fullest.

You are an economist. Why did you choose this career?
I chose this career because my economics teacher saw some potential in
me and took the time to help me develop it. He was passionate about
economics and was a great communicator. This passion motivated me to
further my studies in this area. God Bless you, Mr. Elder, you are an
excellent teacher!

If you could speak any language, what would it be and why?
I would like to speak Spanish since this is the language of
international business. Also, given the proximity of Trinidad and
Tobago to several Spanish-speaking countries, this language to me is
the most practical.

Discuss a memorable speech you delivered or heard.
One memorable speech that remains etched in my memory is Les
Brown’s “I’m Hungry”. In this speech he speaks about his passion to be
a radio broadcaster and how that passion fuelled his drive to succeed
in that area and eventually become a world renowned motivational

What is your favorite role during a Toastmasters meeting?
I like Toastmaster of the Meeting. This role enables me to make fellow toastmasters and guests feel welcomed and to ensure that the meeting flows and is a memorable one for all the attendees.

Tell us a situation outside of Toastmasters meetings/events
where you utilized the training.

I utilize Toastmasters training frequently in technical presentations related
to economics in Trinidad and Tobago and abroad. Also, now that my
peers know I am a toastmaster they frequently call upon me
to chair or emcee various functions in my department and organization.

Ice-cream – topping or no topping? Elaborate.
It depends…Topping if I am in a playful mood and just
enjoying life as it comes. No topping when I am in the corporate
mindset in which case I am usually less playful.

If you could choose anyone, who would you pick as your mentor?
I would choose Jesus Christ. His life, teachings and the impact of His
messages were just amazing.

If someone was to give you one gift, money is no object, what
would you want to receive?

A villa in Hawaii. Somewhere my family can take exotic vacations in a
country other than Trinidad that I can refer to as paradise.

What are your long term goals as a Toastmaster/public speaker?
I want to win the World Championships of Public Speaking someday.

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