#TeamToastmasters was here – Areas 12 & 13 Volunteer at T&T Red Cross Society in observance of World Humanitarian Day 2012


Word of the Day – Humanitarian – Adj. Concerned with or seeking to promote human welfare Noun – A person who seeks to promote human welfare; a philanthropist

Areas 12 and 13 held a joint volunteer effort on Sunday August 19th & Monday August 20th at the T&T Red Cross Society. This initiative was in observance of World Humanitarian Day 2012 (August 19th) and carried out in the spirit of the Toastmasters core value “service to the member”. The objective was to assist and support relief efforts underway in aid of residents of West Trinidad (Diego Martin & environs) who were negatively affected by flood and landslides on Saturday August 11th.

Toastmasters joined by their families and friends donated food & water, clothing, shoes and toiletries. In the time spent at the TTRCS #TeamToastmasters contributed to the creation of bedding packages, cleaning supplies buckets and food hampers which were subsequently taken into the field for distribution to those in need. During distribution, a few toastmasters witnessed the devastation firsthand and confirmed the necessity for citizens/individuals to lead a community response, to assist our Diego Martin neighbours recover from an extremely challenging situation. See the Area 12 Flickr photostream for coverage of Saturday’s activities only.

World Humanitarian Day is a day dedicated to recognize humanitarian personnel and those who have lost their lives working for humanitarian causes (Wikipedia). This year’s campaign “I was here” encourages people to do something to help another human being. Read more about it here.

Information on the T&T Red Cross Society can be found at their website and via social media – TTRCS on Facebook and TTRCS on Twitter. A very special note of Thanks to Elizabeth, Gillian & Kala at the TTRCS for the opportunity to help.

Thank you to all the Toastmasters of Areas 12 & 13 and their family and friends who turned out to “lend voice” over the weekend. #A12A13D81Toastmasterswashere

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